Shift Scheduling Software


for creating and running an efficient shift pattern. VisualrotaX runs in Excel and stacked with features to make running your shift pattern effortless.
  • Easy to create new shift patterns
  • Shift patterns can be uploaded into the program
  • Information on:
    • How many on a shift each day (can be separated by skill)
    • Adds up sickness, and holidays, for both the individual and the entire shift pattern
    • Gives individuals hours

VisualrotaX is a tried and tested shift pattern software designed to make running and creating shift patterns effortless. Companies around the world use VisualrotaX to manage their shift patterns, it is ideal for any company that uses shifts. You can either upload shift patterns directly into the software from our Shift Pattern Book or quickly create them by hand. First you input the shift information into VisualrotaX and then you use the shift pattern sheet to schedule your shifts. If for any reason the number of shifts to be worked each day does not meet the requirements then these shifts are highlighted in red. This table means that you can tell at a glance when you are and are not meeting you workload requirements. This makes creating shift patterns very quick.


VisualrotaX is spread out onto several worksheets for easy of reference. There are four worksheets to run the shift pattern:

1. Shift Pattern

2. Information Sheet

3. Staff Records

4. Report

You can use the Staff Records sheet to record all your staff’s relevant details, such as contact information to allow you to get hold of them to update them with the latest copy of the shift pattern or to arrange cover. The only information required for the shift pattern is the individuals Alias which is used in the shift pattern to identify the person and their contacted hours and holiday allocation. The rest of the information is all voluntary. You use the Information sheet to record the shift information. The Report sheet helps you monitor the shift workers hours, holidays, training and absences.
      Watch the video to see how a shift pattern is created. Our special features make running your shift pattern effortless. Night shifts, training shifts, holidays and sickness are all highlighted in the shift pattern. This means that you know when people are available, working or absent. All of this data is recorded and summarised in the program.
    The shifts being worked are summarised at the top of the Shift Pattern sheet. If the number of shifts to be worked on any day do not meet your requirements then they are automatically highlighted in red, indicating a problem. This can happen when you are creating the shift pattern, or when running it as someone goes either off sick or on holiday. Then you can see who is available to cover the shift and the hours that individual is already scheduled to work for the year. This makes organising cover easy. The highlighted night shifts also make planning easier because it is easy to spot where you cannot follow a night shift by a day shift etc.

Shift Scheduling

Enrol today on our Shift Scheduling course and find out how to use VisualrotaX to create and manage your shift operation. This course includes a copy of VisualrotaX for up to 25 people. So not only will you have your very own copy of our Shift Scheduling Software but also the training videos to teach you how to use the software. So within hours of starting the course you can have your operation running as never before. Find out how to manage holidays, calculate how many people are required for your workload and improve your operation with better shift pattern design.   If you want to learn more about managing your shift operation go to our shift managing page to find out more.

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